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Posted by PearlHikara - 1 day ago

It's your typical wavy brunette hair that you see in Europe a lot. In my lifetime I have had many compliments about my hair, but I swear to god I just want to shave it off and buy a wig it's so fucking annoying.

It never looks good in any style: looks bad in a fringe, looks bad with no fringe, looks bad with a half fringe, looks bad when it's just a mass of hair covering my face, looks bad long, looks bad short, looks bad medium length and always without fail make my head look like a potato. It always curls the wrong way, never does what I want it to, when I want it to by wavy it's flatter than paper but when I want it to be straight it looks like those party streamers and it splits everywhere. I have tried straighteners but that doesn't really do much and even washing it 3 times a week it still looks like olive oil.

I am really tempted at this point to just buy a wig and finally get the emo hairstyle I want as trying to pull it off is a nightmare with my hair; in fact any style is a nightmare to pull off, it doesn't suit anything. And yes, complaining about hair is a very stereotypical girl thing to do, but when this mass of something is constantly on your head and in your vision and your a perfectionist like me who gets pissed at the slightest of things then it's really annoying.


Posted by PearlHikara - 5 days ago


Right so TurboWarp crashed as I was saving. Nothing new, it has crashed before. I had saved on that file earlier and had automatic restore points so I thought I would be fine.


I loaded the file back up to see what I'll have to redo and that fucker corrupted my .sb3 file!


How the hell did it delete around 80MB worth of data by simply crashing!? Thankfully I had a backup file (Juli 2.0) and the battle was safe, but there was about 4 hours of work lost thanks to this.

I'm posting this blog post so I can regain the motivation to redo the tutorial, the 2 endings and the 2 cutscenes. (Luckily it won't take as long as I have all the sprites still in my computer.)

If TurboWarp has a forum I'm going to post this here to complain and I'll use the website version instead of the desktop version from now on as the desktop is a memory hog and too unstable.



Posted by PearlHikara - 9 days ago

It's just that the whole Starbucks latte with the "I'm So QuIrKy" thing is kinda' lame. Like if we're going to be stereotyped, can it be for something cool like: "driving tanks down the motorway with lightsabres and 90's club music"?


Posted by PearlHikara - 11 days ago


the pocket knife wooo!



Posted by PearlHikara - 2 weeks ago

I may have talked about this before (probably have but I'm not bothered to go through all 73 blog posts;) but this talks about 2 events which are the only interesting thing about my life. First was when I was 6 and the second was when I was 10.

So my brother (the less annoying one) just entered reception and one of his classmates was hosting a birthday party at their new house. I tagged along because what else could I do? Stay at home in a completely diffrent city? Although something about the house was it was a wreck and it was still being renovated. I got bored as nobody I knew was there so I got curious and started to wonder around. Mum and Dad were busy talking to the other parents about boring crap at the snacks bar and so didn't notice I was missing. I found this old swimming pool at the back that was full of dark green sludge. So me being the genius child I was: I walked into it. It was cold as hell and fricking gross (and also heavy?) I got halfway before realising:

"Huh, I can't touch the floor. And I can't swim. Shit."

I started to scream and fling my arms around like a maniac. Mum very quickly heard me and pulled me out. There was a little crowd of the adults she was talking to looking at me with the expression of "why the hell did you do that you absolute idiot." I had to wash off in the bath except they hadn't installed the hot water yet so it wasn't helping the fact I was freezing my ass off. Mum and Dad were going on about how "I was being very stupid" and "how I could have died" and all. Ya know the whole "I'm not mad just disappointed" thing. I had to borrow some clothes from the hosts and we quickly left after that. I told this story a couple years later to Mum and she said that I fell in but lets be honest: no I didn't. Even as a braindead 6 year old I'm not that clumsy.

The second time was when our car broke down so it was in the garage; and we had to go somewhere in Dad's van (I think it was to another birthday party? All I remember about the place is that it had a big and mostly empty car park.) Now this wasn't your generic van with it's 10 seats in. This was one of those vans you move boxes in the back in (Dad runs his own chemical company and has to do deliveries sometimes.) There was only 3 seats at the front and there was 5 of us so Mum and I sat in desk chairs at the back. Was this legal? No definitely not. But it was better than putting my brother in the footwell when we did school runs (the space was very cramped and felt like being in a human sandwich of feet and wall.) There was this fire extinguisher on this ledge thing that was used for storage. It was on the thick wall that divided us and my brothers with Dad. Considering there was no windows in the van except this tiny hole and I didn't have a phone back then; I was very bored. So me being the bored idiot I was, I would amuse myself by watching the fire extinguisher rattle around on the dividing wall.

Do you see the problem here?

Dad ran over a speed bump and the extinguisher fell out of it's socket and activated at the back of the van. The next 10 seconds was a pure panic. Mum was banging on the dividing wall to pull over, Dad and my brothers were just sitting there very calmly as they pulled over on some random country road, I was just sitting there with my eyes closed and my nose plugged excepting that this was my fate.

If you want to know what it's like to suffocate to carbon dioxide, it doesn't hurt in that sense, it's like being underwater, but dry. You physically can't breathe and you can feel the weight of the air. You can feel the air make your throat, eyes and skin sting which is why you should hold your cough in as you'll just inhale more of the Co2. It's not pleasant and you shouldn't go try it yourself as you can easily die within half a minute. Luckily me and Mum got out in time and we just sat there outside as Dad tried to turn off the fire extinguisher. Now you would think that something like this would be traumatising, but I was so goddamm bored seeing the extinguisher sliding across the floor was entertaining. Although I always keep reciting both of those days in roughly the same way to myself and I don't know why. That's how I explained it in such detail.

I don't remember how we got there, Mum said we just back in again once all the air was cleared but I remember seeing the winter wonderland (my exact words) at the car park of all that foam just sitting there. After that whenever we needed to go somewhere we would just take a taxi but eventually we got 2 cars so that was less of an issue now if 1 breaks down.

Although both events happened roughly 4 years in between each other so there's a chance there's some kind of reoccurring pattern where I almost die to my own stupidity every 4 years until I eventually die (I am a superstitious person don't judge me.) And it's been 4 years since the whole fire extinguisher thing happened so if my theory is true then at some point between now and my 15th birthday in 4 months I'll go touch grass and fuck myself over in the process. So if I don't upload a blog post in the next 3 days then assume I'm dead and my computer will be passed down to my non annoying brother.



Posted by PearlHikara - 2 weeks ago

The 9th episode of Helluva Boss and the 29th episode of the AvM shorts came out yesterday and I made the mistake of watching them both at 10:00 at night.

But still: where did Purple come from? If he's the only one with canonical parents then where did his parents come from? As well as King Orange, where did he come from? He first appeared in The Nether but has never been seen on any desktop like the others. (This does not make any sense unless you've watched Animation vs Minecraft.)

But yea, both are good episodes, both have dark and complicated backstories. 10/10 I still don't like musicals.


Posted by PearlHikara - 2 weeks ago


yea not much else to add.



Posted by PearlHikara - 2 weeks ago


woop woop


Posted by PearlHikara - 3 weeks ago


and i'm too broke to renew it


Posted by PearlHikara - 3 weeks ago

Don't you just hate when someone you've subscribed to/followed on any social media ends up in drama about NSFW crap? Like for the love of god why does this keep happening? What triggered this for me was an YT animator called Flicker was exposed for a bunch of stuff on his NSFW account; and he has made an apology video but I don't recall a lot of what he mentioned.

Can this stuff stop happening!?

I mean, it's hard to tell at this point if the people who talk about these kinds of dramas are genuinely concerned/disgusted or are just doing it because it's trending which causes the drama to become bigger and out of hand. It's gotten to the point where I expect that at some point the creators I idolise and love to watch are going to end up in some sticky drama. Yes it is important to speak out about these things, but only if you actually care not because it's some kind of sick trend.

Going back to the main point: I'm still going to watch Flicker's animations (the sfw ones on his main youtube channel) because they're still good animations. It's sad to see talent and care being thrown out the window when regarding a video that someone in drama and instead focused on: "this was made by that creep, ignore everything else about the video, think about who created it." It's like with the LenTotally drama back in like 2021 or something idk the date everybody forgot about him after the 2 weeks of drama. Len's videos were well edited but then he was exposed for being a pedo and suddenly all the videos were private and seen as trash.

My conclusion being: drama nowadays is simply just so a group of people get clout for a short period of time and then after 2 weeks it all gets forgotten about. Everything by said person is now regarded as sewage waste. People do bad things and it should be spoken out about, but nobody cares about that anymore, they more care about trying to wreck someone's reputation for views and say it's about what they did. This is why I think that drama keeps increasing, or at least in the people I've heard about. Most people can change. It's just almost impossible to if everything has been nuked. Years of heard work lost to one slip up. If they haven't learned their lesson and they keep doing what they do then yes, bring the vengeance.

Someone out there is going to misinterpret what I have said and think I'm supporting the NSFW crap Flicker posted on twitter. No, I'm not supporting the actions he did but I'm still going to watch his videos as the animation is still good.